Our Team


Dr. Prakash Patel
MD  DGO   
Sheth K.M. School of  post graduate medicine and
research  Ahmedabad Gujarat India
practicing   since  1982 
Cell :   98251 19548

Milestones Achieved
delivered  more  than  27000  newborns with  significant  less  rate  of  caesarean section
operated  more than 6500  Vaginal  hysterectomy  operations using world's no. 1 Valley labs (USA) Forcetriad tissue fusion electrodes, small jaw, impact vessel sealer & cutter and atlas.      
operated  thousands  of  Endoscopy surgeries, TCRE and  thermal  balloon ablation

Our Researchers



Dr.Mansee Jog
MS. (ObGy)

Govt Medical college, Surat





      Dr. Prakash Patel                                                                          

      MBBS, DGO, M.D. (ObGy)  


Dr.Falgun patel


Dr.Mansee Jog

             M.S. (ObGy)

Nehal Naik

            M.Sc.(Micro biology)


Dr.Aesha virpariya

           Infertility Co- Ordinator









Our Mission


World  class  quality  care and  safety  in  surgery with  minimum pain , minimum blood  loss and minimum hospital  stay . Patients  feel  at  home when  they  come  to  us.

SURGERY – A  DAY  CARE PROCEDURE                                                                                                     

Our  patients  of  hysterectomy / Laparotomy / caesarean section / any  major  surgery may go  home within  24  hrs  of  surgery just  walking  of  their  own  without  any pain  or  complications .We have  made  surgeries  just  like    daycare procedures .


We are  transparent . We explain  everything  pre operatively  by  means  of  digital  display board/ LCD TV /  computer  /  projector  . We  show  live  surgery to  patient’s  relatives sitting  in waiting  room   or  sitting   anywhere  in  world    through  our  website . We  give  them pictures of  surgery  as well  CDs  for  their  reference. 


Birth  of  a  new born is  a most exciting event  of  anybody’s  life. We   make  it  smooth  and  safe . It  will    be  a  memorable  event   for  mother   rather  than  a painful exhausting experience.


We  wish  to  remain  updated  and  as  an ongoing  process  of  updating  , we  always   buy  every  hi- tech  and  recent  gadget  introduced   in  world. We wish  to develop and  implement  any  advances in medicine  immediately.

EDUCATION AND RESEARCH                                                                                                                                       

Our  educational programs   are  arranged  in  conference  hall having projector and  internet connectivity  and  video conferencing  facility .We  wish  to  spread  knowledge. We  train  post  graduate  students  . We   love  teaching  and  we enjoy  to  do  research projects.
Best  Quick   and  affordable  treatment  for   ALL .
To  be    very  reasonable for   needy  people
People  should  love  us  . (we don’t  want  to  be   only  professional  )

Our staff will provide you with the highest quality medical care in both routine and emergency situations. We consider your time as well as your medical problems to be important. If we have caused you an inconvenience, please let us know, so we can correct the problem. Our staff is here to serve you, and we welcome any suggestions you may have for improving services or increasing the comfort and convenience for our patients.

The highest compliment our patients can give us is the referral of their friends and family. Thank you for your trust.

Visit  our website : www.shardahospital.in